Client Philosophy

Our adjusters represent our company culture and mission: To bring peace to an otherwise difficult time in people’s lives.  Company employees, insureds, and adjusters experience the stress and demands that both catastrophic and daily losses present.  It is our job to alleviate as much of this stress as possible with honorable, skilled, responsive and articulate Adjusters who possess a strong customer service attitude. To us, this means walking an extra mile when asked to walk only one.

When working with our customers, we are clear on what is expected of us. Our role is similar to that of an ambassador, representing customers with qualified professional adjusters facing the policyholder. Our adjusters instill confidence in the insured that their claim will be handled well.  Based on your directive, we communicate what to expect next. When insureds feel a sense of safety following an event, call volume is reduced and claims are much more likely to close on a positive note.  

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