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Peace in the Storm

Peace to our partners (insurance companies) that rely on us to assist in catastrophic events and daily losses.

Peace to your staff, who will depend on us for on-time, high-quality delivery that will meet their high-standards of client-service.

Peace to the insured when an unfortunate disaster, large or small, affects their lives.

With experienced adjusters located throughout the United States, we demonstrate Success, Quality, and Dependability, storm after storm.

As a partner in delivering peace, we act as an extension of your own claims group to ensure process continuity.

By using the most relevant technology, our operations systems always keep the claims process seamless.

From daily losses, to catastrophic events, we earn our clients trust one claim at a time, one storm at a time, one season at a time.

Quality (Accurate) reporting is the hallmark of our service to help produce Peace in the Storm.

With experienced adjusters spread across the U.S., we are always ready to act when our clients need us.


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"AmerAdjust is head and shoulders above any of the other firms I have used in regards to timeliness and pure energy in inspecting claims. They respond to the small pocket storms with the same fastidiousness as the large ones and often are many steps ahead of my planning in regards to staging, training, and launching."

Cat Director | National Carrier

"The part that separates AmerAdjust beyond any of the other field firms is their responsiveness and bias to action in resolving anything and everything. I have never encountered a more solid and proactive group than AmerAdjust."

Director of Claims | National Carrier

"After working with the Amer Adjust team, in excess of a year on property claims from both daily events and Hurricane related claims, I find that the performance level is A+. In my opinion, from the management staff, administration, and the field adjusters the performance, cooperation, and professionalism are excellent. Whether I need to collaborate with the adjuster or address a billing or urgent claim matter I find the customer service to be above par and the eagerness to be helpful is always productive.."

Claims Examiner | Delegated Authority

"As an insurance provider operating in Symbility, finding adjusting firms with adjusters who could perform competently within this system wasn't easy. Ameradjust provided us with adjusters who have extensive familiarity with this software and are proficient at running claims through this system. Lastly, I personally have never worked with an independent adjusting firm that values quality more than Ameradjust. Bryan Hogland and Kris McClellan have done a fantastic job of understanding our needs and adapting their service to meet those needs. If you value quality and are dedicated to excellent customer service, you should consider Ameradjust."

Sr. Compliance Supervisor | Regional Carrier

"In this world of chaos, [adjuster name] exemplifies the AmerAdjust motto; “There is peace even in the storm.” Kudos to [adjuster name] and kudos to AmerAdjust for having a fine man like Frank working for you!"

Sr. Claims Specialist | Municipal Risk Agency

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