AmerAdjust | Peace in the Storm

AmerAdjust delivers Peace.

Peace to Insurance companies that depend on a contingency workforce to assist in catastrophic events and daily losses. Peace to your Insured when a disaster affects their lives. And Peace to your staff, who will depend on us for on-time, high-quality delivery that will meet or exceed their high-standards of client-service.

With teams of Adjusters located throughout the United States, we demonstrate Success, Quality, and Dependability, storm after storm.

Ask to see our Key Performance Indicators – we will demonstrate to you how AmerAdjust leads the industry in speed, quality, and accuracy.

When Catastrophe strikes, AmerAdjust delivers.

Adjuster Experience

Talented and conscientious adjusters, pushing through obstacles for on-time quality.


Our Commitment

Clear and timely communication. Delivering peace and support to our Clients.


Losses Handled

From daily events to catastrophic losses, we earn our client’s trust, one claim at a time.


What people think about us

About AmerAdjust

Fresh and Bold, AmerAdjust is infused with new technologies and dedicated leadership to deliver Peace in the midst of the mayhem that surrounds daily and catastrophic Adjusting Services. AmerAdjust embraces both the traditional and the new technological advances to maximize the final result on every claim. Services include: