Joining AmerAdjust

AmerAdjust is always searching for experienced and qualified professionals to add to our roster.  If you have experience in either residential or commercial property claims adjusting, or have experience as an inside claims reviewer (quality control/file reviewer), we want to hear from you!

Your first step will be to complete our Adjuster Questionnaire and provide an updated Resume.  Both documents (questionnaire & resume) are required prior to our internal review of your credentials.

Email us at or fill out the contact form below to receive our Adjuster Questionnaire.

The AmerAdjust Contract

The AmerAdjust contract is NOT exclusive. You are free to work for other companies while NOT working for AmerAdjust . Once deployed by AmerAdjust we expect you to work only on losses assigned to you by AmerAdjust Operations.

We will not deploy adjusters who have not completed and returned the AmerAdjust Independent Adjuster Contract. This contract must be completed by you and returned to AmerAdjust to be counter-signed by an AmerAdjust Officer. The contract can be downloaded here. Print the contract, sign and initial all pages and sign all lines that require your signature.

Note: Please Do not complete the AmerAdjust Contract before you have submitted your AmerAdjust Adjuster Questionnaire and resume and you have been offered a spot on our roster. The AmerAdjust contract is not valid and you are NOT considered under contract with AmerAdjust until it is countersigned by an AmerAdjust Officer. A countersigned copy will be made available to you if you are added to our roster.

Adjuster Licensing Information by State

It is advisable to review State-by-State requirements and links for adjusters to apply for licenses.

Note: States tend to update their websites frequently. While we try to keep the information current, you may encounter links that are no longer functional.

States that do NOT require an Adjuster License include Colorado, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin.

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