Client Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, to create Peace in the Storm. Our clients aren’t just a number, they’re our partners.  We pride ourselves on acting more as an extension of our partners own claims group than an independent firm. We are dedicated to fully adopt and adhere to our partners claims process. This dedication ensures compliance and continuity throughout the entire claims process.

Our leadership, managers and adjusters all understand our roles as ambassadors of our partners. We under the demands that CAT and Daily losses can present, and we strive alleviate as much of this stress as possible with honorable, skilled, responsive and articulate adjusters who possess a strong customer service attitude.

Adjuster Qualifications

Adjusters working with AmerAdjust are selected with a focus on several key attributes:

  • Policy knowledge and inspection skills
  • Aptitude with Xactware and/or Symbility Solutions Software
  • Time management skills and sense of urgency which produces estimates and claim resolution with speed & quality of service
  • A clear focus on the customer service aspect of the job at hand
  • An appreciation of the challenges faced by our customer and the insured.
  • Communication skills and how to use these skills effectively, keeping all parties informed as the claim progresses.

AmerAdjust adjusters are selected to represent everything our customers expect from their staff members.

All adjusters wishing to gain a spot on our roster of professional property adjusters will first complete
an online application and attach their resume. This information is reviewed by senior management and
the applicant is contacted by phone. This, along with a background check, initiates the evaluation
process which ultimately validates the adjuster’s capabilities.

Preparation & Readiness

Well before an event takes place, the operational guidelines, information specific to a region, special circumstances surrounding the cause of loss and other details can be pre-defined and communicated to field staff.

Measuring impact, PIF counts, weather overlays, and other prediction methods dictate when and where resources are needed. A comprehensive yet simple data based inventory is used to manage availability, proximity and capabilities of adjusters well in advance of deployment. As our customer receives claims from policyholders and is able to forecast volume, severity and geographic impact, our adjuster alert system identifies teams and places individuals on alert for deployment. When the need is clearly defined, our adjusters, supervisors, file examiners and other related staff deploy or activate using predefined practices.


Initial storm office briefing location and times are set. Arriving teams are quickly indoctrinated on any site specific requirements. Based on standardized service level objectives, adjusters receive assignments, contact policyholders, begin inspections and settle into the performance expectations set by AmerAdjust and the customer. Adjusters working for AmerAdjust may only work for one customer at a time. Once assignments are completed, adjusters may be released for other duties.

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