When the Worst Happens, The Best Arrive.

If a variable is not measured, it is difficult to manage. During an event, system timestamps measuring duration between key steps in the claims process. Estimate reports are monitored daily. Any regional regulatory requirements for claim completion times are carefully adhered to. Using the best technology available in appropriate ways further contributes to a tightly woven service delivery model.

Friends, neighbors and America’s rescue workers roll out to show support and compassion to America’s most needy when a catastrophe occurs.

But before the outpouring of help, we’re behind the scenes preparing. We retain the most trusted and compassionate adjusters. Our trainers place a heavy focus on service and professionalism. And after every storm, we refine our systems to be prepared for the next crisis.

Before the smoke clears, the sunlight returns or the waters recede, we get to work with precision and diligence. We note every detail and adjust every claim according to our partners high standards.

Claims are double-checked by senior examiners in our Quality Control Department. And we use an evolving selection of the finest technologies to increase service, efficiency, and accuracy.  Whether we’re working on your claims management system or ours, we learn quickly and execute rapidly to deliver on time.

Our skilled adjusters, managers, and administrators are your front-line of compassion, support and information in a time of crisis.

Life won’t stop delivering challenges. We don’t stop Delivering Peace.

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