Estimating Platforms

AmerAdjust uses Xactware and Symbility Solutions estimating software because of their best-in-class features and workflow management capabilities.

Qualified AmerAdjust instructors train on these two platforms with real world estimates, sketching examples, tutorials and more. Our emphasis is on assuring that the claims process flows perfectly from the origin of the assignment, through Adjuster receipt, contact, inspection, upload, file review, collaboration and file-close.

Claims Management

Equal in importance to claim fundamentals are factors such as production management, workflows, billing and accounting.

AmerAdjust’s FileTrac Claims Management System provides a bridged platform from both estimating systems and client data sources. A range of reporting forms delivery and accounting processes are customized to match-up with Client accounting processes to ensure full-client integration.

FileTrac is web-based and encrypted. Claims data provided by the client is monitored, reported and delivered for accounting purposes, insuring that Client and Adjuster information is accurate and secure.

Data Integration and Integrity

AmerAdjust systems are housed in secure cloud-based data facilities. Xactware and Symbility Solutions data sources are encrypted and secure so that our client’s private information will stay Private.

System integrations are created and managed to allow for seamless and unaltered information-flow from the initiation of an assignment to the final report.

No manual data entry is required in our systems minimizing the little risk of potential erroneous claims data.

Business Continuity

AmerAdjust utilizes a fully cloud-based approach to data and technology so that our company can be 100% operable, even in the midst of crisis. Key offices have UPS and back-up generator service for off-grid operations. Disaster recovery plans enable uninterrupted service delivery from remote sites.  

Discuss your needs with AmerAdjust and we will create the team that fills the roles to ensure your claims process stays on track.

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