Daily Claims Adjusting

AmerAdjust provides experienced adjusting staff to its clients in support of daily property claims.

We have a proven track record for the efficient handling of residential and commercial property claims in all US markets. Our services include:

Our open file reviews and constant attention to Adjuster scorecards, including productivity and closure-ratings, ensures high quality and accuracy in daily claims management.

Ask us about our performance metrics – we will gladly share them with you as we work to bring excellence in service to your daily claims process.

Our use of technology allows us to be proactive – rather than reactive – in the management of our Adjusters so that you can have the Peace of Mind that we hold as our standard of service for all types of claims.

AmerAdjust leadership takes an active role in training Adjusters to ensure that they stay up on the latest best-practice trends in claims adjusting, and we commit to reviewing 100% of all pre-submission claims and 15% of all closed claims to ensure quality submission and quality training.

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